Community and Childish Gambino

I finally started watching NBC’s Community. I know I’m late on this bandwagon, but better late than never. I’m still only on season 1, but I absolutely love all the pop culture references. It’s definitely a me kind of show because I feel like I use a ton of pop culture references in my own life; not as many as Abed, but still quite a few. When I first watched the show, I initially hated Jeff Winger, but after watching more episodes, he’s slowly been growing on me, especially in the Physical Education episode. I kind of want him to get with Annie, although I’m pretty sure he’ll end up with Britta. And I love the Troy and Abed bits at the end, like the Bert and Ernie one and of course the Spanish rapping. Those two together are just hilarious. I definitely need to catch up with all the episodes soon.

Troy and Abed as Bert and Ernie.

So to distract myself from my midterm studying, I saw an interview with Donald Glover on QTV with Jian Ghomeshi today on CBC and heard about his rapping as Childish Gambino. I decided to check it out and found a track, ‘All the Shine’, from his new album that’ll be released next month. Honestly, it sounds amazing. It’s not normally the kind of music that I listen to, but I definitely recommend it. Click on the link below to listen to it.

It kind of reminded me of Drake a little actually. After I’m done my midterm tomorrow, I am planning to check out the rest of his stuff. Surprisingly, Donald Glover has quite a discography already. I can’t believe I’m just discovering all these new things only now. Hope you enjoy his new track! And let me know what you think!


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2 Responses to Community and Childish Gambino

  1. Stacey says:

    I watched the first few episodes of community then stopped because I thought Jeff wasn’t likeable enough, and I definitely liked Abed but Troy was definitely my fave by far but still not enough to keep me watching because he was barely in it. Although the name Troy immediately makes me think of HSM so it was a bit weird at first too, I don’t like bad name choices like that.

    • amandakumar says:

      I felt the same way when I watched it too. It’s taken me a while to actually watch more than one episode, I’ve been trying for over a year. But like I said after a few episodes, Jeff grows on you. I think you have to get to the 4th one to like him more. If you have the time, I’d check out a few more episodes. PS thanks for commenting 🙂

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