Top 5 Favourite Halloween TV Episodes

As we all know, Halloween is around the corner and in honour of the holiday, I have come up with my top 5 favourite Halloween episodes.

5. Bones – Mummy in the Maze

Awesome costumes, scary amusement park and mummies! All the makings of a great Halloween episode. The episode has the group going to the Jeffersonian’s Halloween party, but when Bones and Booth figure out where the killer is, everyone has to get to work, all in their costumes. So throughout the episode you get to see Cam as Catwoman, Angela as Cher, Zack as the back end of a cow, Hodgins as the captain of the Titanic and Booth dressed up as a squint. Bones was dressed up as Wonder Woman and Emily Deschanel definitely made it work. I have always wanted to dress up as Wonder Woman and after this episode, it is still on my list of Halloween costumes I need to wear. What made this episode particularly Halloweenish was that the girls were being killed based on their fears; one with spiders, another with snakes. And the shoot off at the end was particularly entertaining. Another thing about this episode is that there is some Bones and Booth sexual tension going on, which every Bones fan has to love. Thinking about Bones now, I am really excited for the premiere on Nov. 3.

Bonus: Rider Strong guest starring role.

4. Community – Epidemiology

From my last post, you know that I just recently started watching this show. I have been infatuated with it and have finally caught up with all the episodes. When I watched this episode, I definitely thought it was one of the best Halloween episodes I’ve seen, especially for a sitcom. I mean, who doesn’t love zombies? My favourite thing that came out of this episode is Shirley and Chang sleeping together. It definitely provided a source of hilarity throughout the rest of the season. It was also nice seeing the return of Jeff’s arch nemesis, Rich, which also provided a great segue for Jeff and Annie to hook up. I can’t wait to see what Community has in store for this year’s Halloween episode.

Bonus: Dean Pelton’s ABBA playlist.

3. How I Met Your Mother – Slutty Pumpkin

This episode is a classic HIMYM episode. Season 1 was epic and it’s so unfortunate that now, in season 7, they have lost that same charm that they used to have. What makes this a great Halloween episode is that it references the best Halloween special there is: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Ted waiting every year to find the slutty pumpkin is exactly like Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin.  And I think it is incredibly romantic of Ted to wait for her. It shows Ted’s passion for trying to find the one, which was still cute back then. And Ted and Robin bonding at the end of the episode was good for us hoping that the two of them to get together. Plus I love the Nada Surf song they play in that scene.

Bonus: Barney’s costume changes.

2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Halloween

This episode had a great concept! Characters actually became what their costumes were because of a spell.  There really isn’t much more you can say as to why it was great, because the concept speaks for itself. I think what made it even better was that it was very action packed due to all the chaos that was created because of the spell.  Also, each of the main character’s had their own story line; Willow turned into a ghost and realized what it was like to really feel invisible, Xander was able to be a hero and act very manly as a person in the army and Buffy, in an attempt to win over Angel, lost her vampire fighting powers, and was the damsel in distress this time. It was an awesome alternate universe, without having an actual alternate universe like the episode, Dopplegangland, which is also another really good Buffy episode. Oh and we can’t forget, the episode is an interesting introduction to Giles’ past life.

Bonus: A very manly Xander and obviously Angel.

1. Boy Meets World – And Then There Was Shawn

Ok, I know this is not really a Halloween episode, but I always thought it was, so to me, it’ll always be a Halloween episode. What made it an amazing “Halloween” episode was that it pulled from a lot of different horror movies like I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scream. I remember actually being scared when I watched it as a kid. Maybe that’s the reason why I thought it was a Halloween episode. The premise of the episode is that the main characters get stuck in detention and slowly people are dying one by one. The characters try and find out who the killer is, but they have to be careful not to die. Jennifer Love Hewitt makes a cameo appearance in the episode, which I felt added a great touch to it.  Below are links to watch the full episode, so I won’t ruin it with spoilers.

Fun fact: Will Friedle and Jennifer Love Hewitt were actually dating at the time and it was the whole reason she made a cameo in the episode.

Special Mention:

Freaks and Geeks –Tricks and Treats

This episode wasn’t a great Halloween episode per se, but Bill’s costume makes me laugh every single time I watch it. Maybe it’s just because the way he acts, but regardless it’s hilarious. I felt that it needed a special mention, especially since it was a great show and only lasted one season. The least I could do was mention it.

Let me know what your favourite Halloween episodes are!

Happy Halloween everyone and please enjoy your candy responsibly!


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4 Responses to Top 5 Favourite Halloween TV Episodes

  1. great list of Halloween episodes! Flight Suit up! is one of my personal fav HIMYM moments among many! I particularly love the mention of F&G, love the episode esp. at the end, when Lindsey hits Sam with the egg, it breaks my heart and yet I can’t help but laugh every time! one of my more recent favourite Hallowen moments on TV was Modern Family season 2 “mini cheeses” one of my favourite ModFam moments ever hahahaha and I also had my fingers crossed for the Halloween episode of Castle when Castle dresses up in his Malcolm Reynolds costume – loved the throwback! but there are so many good Halloween moments it’s so hard to pick!

    • amandakumar says:

      I did like that Modern Family one too, but not as much as the ones I had here. And as for the Castle one, I still have to watch Firefly, so I don’t think I’d fully appreciate the throwback until I do! But I agree, there are so many, it’s hard to narrow down!

  2. Ashley Kumar says:

    I haven’t watched half these episodes, but agreed with the Boy meets world, even if it wasn’t a halloween episode. Too bad you didn’t add the 30 rock episode with Tracy’s Werewolf Bar Mitzvah!

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