Best New TV Series this Fall

One of my favourite things to do in May is watch all the trailers for new TV series that will be starting in fall. This year I was happily surprised at the number of shows that I wanted to check out. The past few years I haven’t really found many new shows that I liked after watching the pilot, but this season has got my hopes up. Here are the new shows that I’m watching.

Pan Am

Copyright of ABC

ABC did an amazing job of advertising for this show. The weeks leading up to it, all I saw were ads for it on TV, buses and the subway. The premise of the show made me want to at least check it out and so far I am liking it. I love the spy aspect of it and how they’re slowly uncovering the backgrounds of each character. I’m still waiting to find out Maggie’s (Christina Ricci) character. I can’t wait to see what is in store for the rest of the season.

Side note: Does anyone know why Mike Vogel replaced Jonah Lotan as Dean? I noticed that in the promo picture above that it’s not Mike Vogel on the left side of the photo. I Googled it, but I couldn’t find an answer.

Once Upon a Time

This show only premiered October 23rd, but two episodes in and I’m already hooked. It’s another great premise for a show; Fairy tale characters who are stuck in their own world and needing an outsider to save them. I feel like the show is filmed more as a movie, but it’s a nice change compared to everything else on TV. I was also worried about Jennifer Morrison as the lead, mainly because I despised her character, Zoey, on How I Met Your Mother, but it hasn’t bothered me, just yet anyway. The show has a great cast (Ginnifer Goodwin!) and I’m eager to find out more about the characters and their back stories.

Copyright of ABC

New Girl

Copright of FOX

How could I not watch a show with Zooey Deschanel? Her quirkiness is what I love about her and it definitely shows in this new series. When I watched the pilot, I liked the chemistry between all the characters (especially Nick and Jess). Damon Wayans Jr.’s character was my favourite and I was kind of upset that he couldn’t be in the rest of the series because of his gig on Happy Endings (another amazing show). It has taken me a while to get used to his replacement, Winston, but he’s finally growing on me. And I feel like this show is finally getting better. This week’s episode actually made me laugh out loud a few times. I hope that it only gets better.


Copyright of ABC

I hadn’t even heard of this show until my best friend had mentioned how funny it was and if anything, she said I had to watch it for Jeremy Sisto. So I took her advice and decided to give it a try. She was definitely right, this show is full of laughs. Most shows with spoiled and over-privileged teens I find are usually dramatic (i.e. The O.C. and Gossip Girl), but it’s nice to take another approach at it and see it from an outsider’s view, which pokes fun at it. Tessa’s (Jane Levy) “arch nemesis” on the show cracks me up all the time. This is by far one of my favourite moments on the show:

I can definitely see the show catching on and becoming big. I haven’t heard about it from any other people I know, but I have been trying to spread to word because this show needs to last more than one season!


This is my guilty pleasure TV show. It is overly dramatic, but I love every minute of it. There are always new shocking details that keeps me glued to it. In fact, I am watching the newest episode of it as I write this and I gasped out loud at something that happened (don’t worry, I will not spoil it) and my roommate had a good laugh at that. I think it reminds me of the days of watching season 1 of The O.C. when you couldn’t wait until the next week for a new episode. It’s nice though that it’s a bit more grown up, so I’m not still watching shows where all the characters are supposedly in high school. I’m not sure how long a show like this can sustain with all the suspense, but I will try and enjoy it for as long as I can!

P.S. I love how Kyle from Roswell is in it!

Copyright of ABC

Of all these news series that I’m watching, all except one are on ABC. ABC has been killing it lately. They have some of the best TV shows out there right now. On top of the new ones, there is Castle, Modern Family and Happy Endings. Wednesday nights are packed with such solid shows from 8:30 PM to 11 PM (EST). It’s the new Thursday NBC comedy night (which I still love)! I’m thinking the that other networks need to take a page from ABC’s book because there needs to be more quality programming like this on every channel.

Are there any other new series that I’m missing? I still have to catch Grimm, but it is on my evergrowing list of shows to watch. Is it any good?


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2 Responses to Best New TV Series this Fall

  1. Mish says:

    Love Suburgatory! Jeremy Sisto=DILF.

  2. Ashley Kumar says:

    Jeremy Sisto was in Clueless! He was the jerk who left Cher in the sketchy place!
    And as much as I love Zooey Deschanel, New Girl is terrible. The jokes are old, the acting is
    mediocre and her character is just plain stupid. How she became a teacher I will never know.
    On the other hand, Pan Am is getting really good.

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